Hirex: Chronicles, MMO TBS/RPG set in an immersive science fiction scenario
HIREX: Chronicles is a turn-based role-playing game in which players will be able to explore the galaxy in order to free it from an oppressive force.
In HIREX: Chronicles you'll encounter different alien races from different corners of our galaxy. You'll start by creating a character, that you'll be able to customize by choosing one of the two races available at the game's launch and one of the various associated classes.
By completing quests and defeating enemies, indeed, you'll progress in the game getting in touch with new alien races, with whom you will be able to ally in order to fight for the HYREX cause, the Hivemind Intergallatic Resistence.
Each character will be able to use different items to his advantage, such as weapons, armor and technologically advanced accessories; throughout the game they will gain experience, level up , becoming stronger and stronger.
The level of your character will affect his ability to wear and handle increasingly rare and powerful items, with which he/she will be able to defeat stronger enemies that will drop better quality items.
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