In most of the blockchain-based crypto games that are emerging in today's gaming landscape, the PLAY part is very underrated and the fun component is almost nil. These games could then be defined as DoToEarn games. HIREX: Chronicles, instead, has the ambition to let anybody do both: Play and Earn. The player will never have the impression to do something boring just to earn money; on the contrary, he will earn without even noticing it. Taking a look at today's market we can see how the crypto sector is constantly growing:
CoinMarketCap - Crypto market capitalization in USD
In the last 5 years, the crypto market has seen its market capitalization increase from $5 billion to over $1,700 billion, corresponding to a percentage increase of over 1000%. To realize the magnitude of this figure, just think that in the same period the union of the most important American companies (to name a few APPLE,TESLA, AMAZON and GOOGLE) had an increase of 106%. If the cryptocurrency industry is still considered a niche (just think that in the world only a small percentage of the population holds cryptocurrencies) the blockchain PlayToEarn games industry is in fact a niche in the niche with a huge return potential.
Only in 2021, those who had the foresight to invest in this new sector, buying tokens or NFTs, obtained a return of 15000%.
HIREX: Chronicles aims to enter this market by proposing innovative solutions and quality details, thus assuming a competitive position with respect to other projects where such attention to innovation and quality is lacking.
Therefore, a single dollar invested in HIREX: Chronicles (through the purchase of HIREX coins or NFTs related to the game) would lead to a very high return even within a single year:
NFTs Profit chart
The forecasts take into account the prices of NFTs of equal rarity in the crypto universe
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